Small and Medium Enterprises, Blue-chip companies, non-governmental organizations and all those who feel concerned by Sustainability are welcome in the SUSTAIN.ABLE  journey !

This journey started with an observation : today, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), which represent about 90% of companies worldwide, have basically no tool to apprehend a necessarily more sustainable and more responsible growth.

And we are convinced that all the efforts of the biggest companies, all the efforts of governments and international institutions will be as useless as NGOs commitment, if 90% of companies on earth cannot access sustainability.

SUSTAIN.ABLE is a simple self-assessment tool, which allows SME to understand through 35 questions, what sustainability is about, to measure its performance and find ways to progress. This tool has been thought and elaborated together with the WWF. It keep things simple and pragmatic while being thought to be compatible with international assessing norms as ISO 26.000 or global reporting methods such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) built in partnership with the United-Nations Programm for Environment.

Of course, SUSTAIN.ABLE is about the relationships between companies and environment. Beyond, SUSTAIN.ABLE  is also about economic performance, corporate responsibility or management and policy.  

Of course, any SME can decide on its own to join us and we will be there to guide them. But our collective ambition is to get fast a maximum number of SME on board ! This will not happen without the support and commitment of their contractors.

First because a chain' strength depends on the weakest link' strength. To make a chain strong, most robust links have no choice byt helping the weakest ones.  Then because the suppliers' network of big companies is so wide, that these companies can quickly mobilize and help progressing tens or hundreds of thousands of SME.

Today, more than 6.000 SME are already using this self-assesment method across the world and are on track to further progress on sustainability matters. 

We wish to see many SME and their contractors joining us soon. Together, thanks to self-assessment, audit, counsel and guidance we will help you progressing towards a more profitable and more responsible growth.

Corporate social responsibility is for everybody. For the biggest and for the smallest ones !

You know you are more than welcome in the SUSTAIN.ABLE  journey ! Join us soon !


Pierre-Alexandre Teulié


Chairman & CEO