Your Supply chain CSR

More and more, your economic, social and environmental performance is closely related to your Supply Chain's one.

As per performance and growth, it is related to the collective performance of your suppliers.

As per risks, it is unfortunately related to the (counter) performance of your weakest supplier, as illustrated by most of the recent social and environmental scandals. If only one of your suppliers refuses to respect the basics of corporate social responsibility, your company, your brand and your reputation are directly threatened.

By involving your whole Supply Chain in your CSR policy, Sustain.Able'solutions will allow you to :

  • illustrate your high level of commitment and responsibility as you help to progress those companies working for you,
  • create value by helping your suppliers working more responsibly while saving costs,
  • identify growth opportunities you could get from an optimized supply chain,
  • minimize your risk exposure by easily identifying where your suppliers are exposing you,
  • refine your sustainability strategy by including your suppliers in reaching your key objectives.